Inspiration for your choice of butterfly tattoos is what we are all about.

Section one has a hundred different photos of butterfly tattoos of various sizes shapes and colors. The one pictured is an example of a tribal design as it has the butterfly with a pattern set behind it. Section two has the same number of examples but this time they are free pictures that you can show your tattooist, this one is very cutesy, other differing ones can be found inside. Finally section three has the real thing, lots of shapes and colors. All images are viewable via navigation through the three sections by means of thumbnail links, which are small representations of the main pictures that when clicked on its larger version  will load in the centre of the page.


Pictures, artwork and photos of  butterflies for tattoos.

Butterflies are essentially insects that form part of the Lepidoptera family which includes skippers and certain moths however we are concentrating on the so called true-butterflies or Papilionoidea from the Latin word papilion (also the French word for butterfly but spelt slightly differently - Papillion). The origins of the word are open to debate as is usual for this sort of thing, one theory is that the word is simply a corruption of the descriptive "flutter by" another  suggestion has been put forward simply because of the color of one type in particular that appears in the UK in early spring, yet another suggestion surrounds the belief in early Europe that butterflies stole milk.



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